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Fall concert tickets and information 

  • When can tickets be purchased?
    Ticket sales are now closed. A limited number of pods will be available for sale at the door for $25.
  • How will the seating work? How do I get my tickets?
    You will puchase a "pod" of either 2 or 4 seats; this pod will be distanced from other pods. You will need to purchase the appropriate number of pods to accommodate your household (or your household + other people you have been in a pod with)-- for example, for a group of 5, you will need to purchase one pod for 4 and one pod for 2. The PHS choir boosters will assign your pods according to the number and size of pods purchased, and we will email you your tickets once the seating has been assigned.
  • What happens if we have young children in strollers, or need wheelchair seating?"
    A wheelchair can substitute for any of your seats in your pod (so example, your pod of 4 can be 3 seats plus 1 wheelchair). Let us know when you purchase your ticket if you have any accessibility needs for seating or access to the event. A pod can have children aged 3 or younger in a stroller and this will not count towards your pod total. They must remain in the stroller or on a lap throughout the concert. Anyone over the age of three must be seated in one of the assigned pod seats.
  • Can I bring my own food or drinks?
    You can bring your own water, but we will not be permitting any food to be brought in for the event. This will help us to keep our singers safe by having the audience masked throughout the event. And you will be able to focus your attention on the wonderful performances without the sounds of packaging or crunching!
  • Will there be restrooms?
    There will be limited access to restrooms at the event. As we are expecting that it will only last 1.5 hours, there will be no intermission. We ask you to try to plan accordingly and minimize restroom use as much as possible.
  • Will the event be livestreamed for those who can't be there in person?
    The concert will be recorded and available to watch again and again on our Poway Choir YouTube Channel.
  • What safety precautions will be in place?
    We are following the state guidance for live performing arts events to keep the performers, audience, and volunteers safe. This includes: -requiring that all audience members be masked at all times during the performance. We will have volunteers enforcing this at the event. -performers will be adhering to distancing guidelines on stage that have been designed specifically for singers. Microphones will have special individual covers and be sanitized in between numbers. Offstage, they will be masked and following social distancing guidelines -volunteers will be masked at all times and will be sanitizing the event entry and merchandise pickup stations. The volunteers are there to help you enjoy this special performance-- please follow their instructions to help keep everyone safe and having fun.
  • Why can't I purchase an individual seat?
    Due to state restrictions, specific guidance for live performing arts events, and the amount of advance planning needed for this event, we will only be offering pods of 2 or 4 seats. Do note that a 2-seat pod for $10 is still less than the cost of an individual seat at our usual PHS Choir concerts, and all funds from ticket sales directly support the choir program. We sincerely appreciate your understanding.
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